Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join eSports? What are some ways to get involved?

To join eSports, there's an easy three step process -
1. Email Coach Bak at from your CCSD email. You will get the "Welcome to eSports" letter with all the information you need, including the Discord Link.
2. Fill out the Google Form to sign your Activities agreement - this must be signed by all members each year.
3. Use the link from the email to join our Discord server. Read the rules before posting! Discord is where we post all of our news and announcements. We recommend that our members download the mobile app and have notifications on for both the announcements channel and their individual team chat. All competing gamers must be reachable via Discord or risk suspension from the team.

After joining the Discord, you can be as involved as you want to be. We have plenty of casual gamers who hang out and chat in the Discord - look at your game's channel to find people who play the same game! On the Discord, you'll also find information on how to join competing teams, help with broadcasts on our school Twitch channel, plan activities for members, and more!

How often does eSports meet?

Since our club is so huge, we only meet in-person as a full club several times per year - usually in Shillinglaw! We also host casual hang-outs on certain Mondays in room W417 - these are open to anyone! Competing students meet more often with their teammates - usually at least twice a week virtually or in-person.

We run most of our day-to-day business via our Discord server! 

How do I join a competing team?  What are the requirements for playing? 

Students hoping to join a competing team MUST attend the start-of-season interest meeting, where they will meet their team captains. Each competing game handles tryouts and teams a bit differently - students can learn more from their team manager or from the appropriate channel in our Discord server. 

Competing eSports players are expected to...

1) Maintain good grades and be academically eligible - if you are failing more than one class, you are not able to compete in eSports matches.
2) Be available at 4pm for practices and games - this typically means you cannot be on another Creek sports team at the same time! If you are too busy to make this commitment, we invite you to join our subs list or compete in a future season instead.
3) Check Discord often, as it is our primary form of communication!

What games do we play? Can we add my favorite game?

We have two competing seasons - fall and spring - and we use PlayVS as our competition platform. Currently, students can compete in four games at the State level (League of Legends, Rocket League, and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Mario Kart 8) and two games at the Regional level (Splatoon 3 and Overwatch). 

We have the ability to add teams in several other games - check out the other offerings on PlayVS, and contact Coach Bak if you are interested in starting a new team for one of the games on PlayVS.

As our club continues to grow, we will look into adding more games, but game offerings are ultimately determined by CHSAA and PlayVS. 

Do I get a PE credit for playing on an eSports team?

Definitely not! We don't know how this rumor got started, but it continues to circulate. Go outside and get some exercise!